Vectrex Multi-Cart Info

The Vectrex multi-cart has been around in one form or another for over 25 years now!

Very basically, it is a single cartridge that looks exactly like any other Vectrex cartridge. When it is plugged-in to your console, instead of starting a specific game, you are greeted with a menu listing that contains over 100 games to choose from. Navigate through the menus to choose which game you want to play using the joystick or the buttons. When you find something you want to play, press button 4 on the controller to start that game. The game will play EXACTLY as if you had the individual cartridge plugged-in.

A couple of notes:

The Vectrex multi-cart will play on ANY VECTREX anywhere in the world. It has been tested on literally hundreds of different consoles and I have yet to find one that it doesn't work on.

The games that require the 3D Imager or the light pen games will begin to load,look for the appropriate peripheral and stop if they do not find it. For example, if you select 3D Crazy Coaster from the menu, the title screen will appear and then the screen will just go black. The multi-cart is no defective. Even if you had the original, single 3D Crazy Coaster cartridge, the same exact thing would happen because the game is searching for a signal from the 3D Imager which you do not have plugged-in so it sits there in limbo.

Please click here for a complete history of the Multi-Cart over the past twenty-five years!

The following is some information about the upgrade of the multi-cart from version 2.0 to 3.0 which happened in late 2017.

Multi-Cart 3.0 Info

In addition to all of the new games, I’ve made several enhancements to the menu software/operation.  Here’s what you will find…

That’s about it…enjoy!