Vectrex Game Publishing

I have spent a great deal of time, money and aggravation trying to come up with the perfect Vectrex materials in order to publish a Vectrex game in as close to the original GCE fashion as possible.

The box used for the Vectrex multi-cart and Tour De France is printed in a silver color that almost perfectly matches the silver color of the GCE boxes. It is printed through a special two-part process and die-cut to the exact size of the original boxes. The end result has been called "the standard by which all future Vectrex boxes will be judged."

The overlay took about seven months and over 100 rejected attempts to perfect. It was very difficult to get the clarity and thickness just right. The final product achieved that perfect balance between clarity, saturation and thickness and is what you see in the Multi-cart, Tour De France, Pitchers Duel and Cube Quest overlays.

And the manual...the manual included with Tour De France and the re-released Pitchers Duel manual were painstakingly recreated in high resolution vector graphics. I have produced templates for both the black and grey style Vectrex manuals and can print either in near perfect GCE-style.

After doing all of this work, I decided that I would like to offer this publishing service to homebrew Vectrex game developers. Let's face it, the fun part of writing an original Vectrex game is actually writing the game and watching other people enjoy your creation. The not-so-fun part is also having to be a graphic designer, an electronics engineer, a printer and a package delivery person.

So what I would like to do is offer this as a service to you and help get your game into the hands of players!

The Vectrex Publishing service is being offer in two forms: a hands-off, turn-key service or as a materials supplier mode.

In other words...

If you don't really want to have anything at all to do with publishing your game, simply send the final (must be thoroughly bug-tested) ROM image to me and I will design the box, the manual, and the overlay. I will print all of the materials, assemble the cartridges, list them for sale on my website and ship the game to all the buyers. You have nothing to do other than collect your percentage of the sales. Games published under these terms are subject to approval since I will be taking all of the financial risk in printing and paying for the materials up-front. We will produce 250 copies of your game and you will receive a percentage of the sales for a period of two years from the starting sale date. After two years have passed, we may, at our discretion, continue to sell the game or offer it at a discounted rate or even dispose of the remaining materials. You will not receive a percentage of the sales after the two year period.

If you would prefer to handle distribution yourself, I will still design the box, instruction manual and overlay with graphics/logos you supply. I will then print them, send you blank PCBs and programmed EPROMs to solder onto the PCB and the appropriate number of cartridge shells. All of the materials are offered a-la-carte meaning you can pick and choose whichever components you want or don't want. When complete and payment received, all of the unassembled materials will be shipped to you and you will be responsible for assembly and distribution of your game. There is a minimum of 250 copies for this service.

If you have a game and would like to have it published, please contact me for further details.