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I’ve got a couple of different options for purchasing a Vectrex multi-cart.

If you want to purchase a brand new v3.0 Vectrex multi-cart, click the button below to add one to your cart.

Vectrex Multi-Cart v3.0 CART ONLY - NO BOX

For the first time, I have made a KICK ASS BOX available for the multi-cart!  It is the exact size and shape (and color) as the regular Vectrex boxes and it will not only give you a great place to store and protect your multi-cart, but it will also look awesome on your shelf with the rest of your Vectrex collection.  If you buy the box with the multi-cart, the box is $12.

Vectrex Multi-Cart v3.0 WITH BOX

I still have some v2.5 copies of the Vectrex multi-cart available and there will probably be some people trading them in to upgrade.  While supplies last, I will be offering v2.5 for $30.  This is the same version I was selling just a few months ago for $50 that contains 58 games which includes all of the GCE titles (less Animaction) and a decent selection of homebrews and prototypes.  Click the button below to purchase a v2.5 Vectrex multi-cart through PayPal.  If you want more than one of the v2.5 multi-carts, please contact me through the "Contact" page.

(PLEASE NOTE – v2.5 multi-carts purchased after August 1, 2017 will NOT be eligible under the upgrade options outlined on this website)

Vectrex Multi-Cart v2.5 CART ONLY - NO BOX

So if you're cool with the multi-cart you already have but would still like to grab a KICK ASS BOX only so you can proudly display your multi-cart with the rest of your collection, you are more than welcome to buy a BOX ONLY for $15 plus shipping.

Vectrex Multi-Cart BOX ONLY

Empty Shells

I have several different colors of empty Vectrex cartridge shells.  These shells are an exact replica of the original shell that all of the GCE commercially-sold cartridges were packaged in right down to the copyright date on the back of them!  The regular black/gray shells are $3 each and the colored or clear shells are $5 each.  There is a minimunm of four shells per order.

Currently I have the following colors in-stock:

Transparent Orange
Transparent Teal
Transparent Red

You are welcome to choose any combination of colors to meet the four shell minimum.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is a little difficult with these.  Packages that are over 4 pounds are automatically shipped Priority Mail by the USPS. Priority Mail International rates are pretty ridiculous.  I can ship up to 30 shells overseas via the cheaper, First Class Mail International, method. More than 30 pieces will have to go Priority Mail.  Any international customer who wants more than 30 shells should contact me through the contact form on this website so we can figure out the proper shipping amount.

DOMESTIC SHIIPPING isn't quite so complicated.  Shipping starts at $4 for the first four shells and goes up from there.  PayPal should calculate the shipping for domestic shipments.

IN EITHER CASE...this PayPal shopping cart system is fairly limited and very simple so I don't have too many options.  If it overcharges you, please let me know and I will refund the difference in shipping charges.

Vectrex Colored Shell 4-Pack
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